Workwear Group Online - Speed Check
Workwear Group Online Server Status
This test measures the performance (load) on our web computer systems. The results may vary based on the number of users on the system at once and the complexity of the requests being made by these users. Product searching speed and shopping cart checkout-out speed are directly related to this load.
Your Bandwidth Test
This test measures the speed between our Web Servers and your PC's Internet Browser. It can be considered a test of 'how fast the internet is running'. The results of this test are reliant on a number of factors such as; Your Internet Connection device (Modem/Broadband/etc.), Your Internet Service Provider (ISP), Other People using the Internet and Other tasks running on your PC.
Your Browser Test
This test measures the version and compatability of your Internet Browser to ensure successful usage of our Web sites. In general you should always use the latest version Browsers as these provide best performance and security. Features such as 'date selection pop-up boxes' may not work if your browser is too old.
Your Computer Test
This test measures the performance of your computer by performing some general mathematical calculations. Our Web Sites (like most web sites) require the users PC to be able to quickly display images and perform basic calculations.